High on the list of priorities of any religious system must be the determination of the canon of its scripture.

“Although the difficulties of translating the holy Word are recognized, Bahá’í institutions have always stressed the importance of translation. No approach to biblical or quranic translation corresponds completely to the Bahá’í ideal, just as no former religious leader combined Shoghi Effendi’s unique dual role as Guardian and translator. Bahá’í institutions have defined the most salient theoretical issues relating to Bahá’í translation. In translating the Bahá’í writings, faithfulness to the original text is paramount. This is defined as reflecting the beauty of the original and accurately conveying the concepts of the original.”

Persian Art

Artwork, National Museum of Iran (Dec 1970)

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Hurqalya Publications

Center for Shaykhī and Bābī-Bahā’ī Studies. (Stephen Lambden)

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Baha'i Text

Items translated (or assisted ) from Persian and Arabic into English (Adib Masumian)

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Guidance & Translations

Shoghi Effendi – The Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith (WBC)

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Digital Publication

Translations of Shaykhi, Babi & Baha’i Texts (Series of H-Bahai/H-Net)

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Academic Translations

Babi and Baha’i Texts and Scriptures (From an older website).
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Baha'i Compilations

Translation & provisional translations. Selected Extracts.

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