The Nine Year Plan

The first (2021-2030) in a Series of Global Plans into the 3rd century of the Baha’i Era.

“The Cause is about to embark upon a series of Plans [over a 25 year period] that will carry it into the third century of the Baha’i Era and significantly strengthen the Baha’i community’s capacity for realising the society-building powers of the Faith.”


Communities of proven strength to help those with less experience.


Each community to draw upon untapped potential to overcome obstacles.


Guard against being drawn into the conflict and strife of a conflicted world, but not misconstrued as aloofness from the pressing concerns of this time.


Show resolute commitment to discover precious points of unity where contrasting perspectives overlap and where contending people can coalesce.


The Devotion of the friends is undimmed and their numbers have soared

The Nine Year Plan “will test their [the Baha’is] stamina, their willpower, and the strength of their love for those who dwell alongside them.”

“A confluence of circumstances in the world at large and within the Faith has made this a charged moment. The global challenges now facing humanity are a severe test of the willingness to put aside short-term self-interest and come to terms with this stark spiritual and moral reality: there is but one, interconnected human family and it shares one precious homeland. At the same moment, the followers of Baha’u’llah are examining anew the possibilities before them to release the society-building power of the Faith.”

“They will help to nurture, in every place, communities of common purpose that

recognise the power of unity to heal, to transcend.’ Within these communities, every soul may find sanctuary, and in the friends’ many endeavours for worship and praise, for education, for social transformation, for the development of communities–in all these, every soul may find room to grow and to serve.”

“We are stirred by the promise of ‘Abdu’l-Baha: ‘The small shall be made great, and the powerless shall be given strength; they that are of tender age shall become the children of the Kingdom, and those that have gone astray shall be guided to their heavenly home.'”

To acquire deeper understanding

Via our Blog, we will document the unfolding and progressive development of the efforts being made by various Baha’i communities to achieve the goals and objectives of the Baha’i Plans.

The following uTube presentations may help us to acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Baha’i Faith, that in turn will inspire our efforts to achieve the stated goals and objectives of the Nine Year Plan, and through successive plans to 2046.
All images: Baha’i Media Bank

World Civilisation

The Baha’i concept of world civilization with Glenford Mitchell, retired UHJ member.

The challenge of Our Time

Reflections by Mr. Lample, member, Universal House of Justice.

A Hundred Years of Endeavour

Glimpses into a hundred years of endeavour and learning by a burgeoning Bahá’í community.

The Oneness of Humankind

One of the central principles of the Baha’i Faith. Why Should We Care about it’s importance?

A Series of Global Plans

2021 – 2046

driving school 10

“With a sense of joyful anticipation, we announce that the Baha’i world will, at Ridden 2022, begin a Nine Year Plan. Its requirements and provisions will be set out at a later date, but its duration already gives an unmistakable indication of the expanseive prospect it will present. God willing, it will be heralded by the convocation of a series of conferences held over a span of months across the globe.”

To the Baha’is of the World,
Universal House of Justice, 25 November 2020

“The final words in a most memorable chapter in the history of the Cause have now been written, and the page turns. This Riḍván marks the conclusion of an extraordinary year, of a Five Year Plan, and of an entire series of Plans that began in 1996. A new series of Plans beckons, with what promises to be a momentous twelve months serving as a prelude to a nine-year effort due to commence nest Ridden.”

To the Baha’is of the World,
Universal House of Justice, Ridvan 2021

“As we reflect on the events which a few days ago marked the centenary of the Ascension of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in the Holy Land, we feel impelled to express to you our sense of wonderment at the exalted character of what transpired. A spirit of consecration permeated the air as those present prayed in the vicinity of His resting place on the anniversary of the holy night of His Ascension. We are confident that the spiritual forces generated by this gathering will be diffused throughout your communities and will inspire the friends as they prepare themselves for the upcoming series of worldwide conferences, which will launch the Bahá’í world into the next stage of the Divine Plan. To this end, we will offer our ardent prayers at the Sacred Threshold.”

To the Baha’is of the World,
Universal House of Justice, 1 December 2021

“The series of global Plans that began at Riḍván will last a full twenty-five years. It will carry the ark of the Cause into the third century of the Baha’i Era and conclude at Ridden 2046. During this period, the Baha’i world will be focused on a single aim: the release of the society-building power of the Faith in ever-greater measures. The pursuit of this overall aim will require a further rise in the capacity of the individual believer, the local community, and the institutions of the Faith”

To the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counsellors,
Universal House of Justice, 30 December 2021

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