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Mutual Trust In Archive Preparation

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We specialize in preserving materials related to the Baha’i Faith, its growth, development and progress. Our archival collections provide cost-effective solutions for long-term digital preservation and privileged access. By promoting and creating archiving efficiencies, we make content available for collaboration and documentation that through ideas and innovative research techniques historical information is preserved.

Our base materials consist of that accumulated since 1965, and acquired from one primary source. Future historians, researchers, and others no doubt will have a difficult time providing true and realistic approaches to interrupting and writing about the growth and development of the Baha’i Faith from local, national, and global perspectives. Factual evidence is required to assist their efforts. Also, it is generally know that those without name recognition are seriously lacking in historical narrative; this relates to ‘work-bees’ and their supporters (internal/external), those upon whose shoulders the burden is borne to make possible the success of any undertaking. This oversight, intended or otherwise, must be corrected.

We both encourage and facilitate your information gathering techniques to help grow our collections using ground-based sources, i.e., individuals, communities, libraries, and other. Access to these resources will reveal a variety of material (photographs, personal items, documents), to include people’s memories, that heretofore may not have realized were important enough to be preserved. Once again, we highly encourage your forthright participation in this project.

Be assured that we support your efforts to help keep the collections up-to-date. You will be a valuable resource in our highly collaborative and guidance-effective archival program.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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ObeisanceBaha Archives combine the tools, ideas and best practices of major archiving institutions. We are not just archiving but enhance the way people connect with Baha’i history.
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Our strategy is based on a long term vision in which we continue to expand by selectively acquiring valid materials in a wide range of formats – both tangible and digital.
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We acquire material from a wide variety of preselected and verifiable sources for preservation and storage, and make that content as broadly accessible as possible.
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Digital Preparation

Acquired materials are prepared for digital preservation using a variety of essential methods to ensure the end-user has access to quality historical information.
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Digital Scanning

We embarked upon a program of digital scanning, viewed as an essential aspect of our strategic interests to acquire, document, digitally preserve, and provide access to Baha’i History.
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Digital Storage

We utilize advanced archival digitization processes to ensure the best quality documented digitized product and its preservation in our historical collections.
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