ObeisanceBaha Historia Project

Taking Action to Preserve History

Our Endeavor

Obeisance Baha provides a wide variety of information on the history of the Baha’i Faith.  It allows certain types of research to be performed from a single concentrated platform. This undertaking includes photographic documentation of various Baha’i events and activities dating to 1965, and comprises a large segment of several of our projects.

The main idea is to preserve for prosperity mostly little known Baha’i events and activities that represents the expansion and consolidation of Baha’i communities, in particular those dedicated believers and others who were deeply involved in the process.

For Prosperity

Talent is a pursued interest and anything you practice you can achieve. That is when true joy is experienced, when you leave doubt behind, as you persevere to document and archive Baha’i events and activities for posterity.

Most materials in our possession (photographic film, slides, prints, etc.) predate the digital age of photography, back to 1965. As such, some have suffered damage due to long-time storage even though efforts were made for proper care. In some few cases attempts for restoration were made, but with minimal effort so as not to distort the original image and its overall intent.  Great effort is also made to describe events, locations, etc., and to identify those participating.

‘We may be able to create the world that we want;
however, we’re limited by the time we have.’

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