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Our mission is to connect people
to faith and service to humanity

Tasks in which Baha’is are diligently engaged through special
projects and as home-front and international pioneers.

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Velma Fugerson (1926-2016)
Baha’i International Pioneer
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Work is a universal and essential aspect of human existence. Through work, people obtain the means of sustenance and realise many of their potentialities. “The best of men are they that earn a livelihood by their calling and spend upon themselves and upon their kindred for the love of God, the Lord of all worlds.”










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Association of Baha’i Studies 2023

Association of Baha’i Studies 2023

The overarching objective of the Association of Baha’i Studies 2023 conference is to serve as an uplifting, welcoming space to explore learning about contributing to academic and professional discourses…

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Baha’i Burial Sites

Baha’i Burial Sites

Our primary purpose is to document and preserve Baha’i history—to include Baha’i burial sites, little known events and activities of those ‘front-line’ workers who, often with great personal sacrifice, bore the weight of success or failure of Baha’i programs…

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Baha’i Pioneering Institute

Baha’i Pioneering Institute

A pioneer is a volunteer, a Bahá’í, who leaves his or her home to journey to a different geographical location (home country or foreign) for the purpose of teaching the Bahá’í Faith and assist in establishing and/or consolidating Bahá’í communities.

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Painting – Two Men Reading by Candlelight, Nat’l Museum of Tehran, Iran (Persia). T. Randolph (Dec 1970)
Book – Baha’i Prayers & Readings – Leili Egea
Baha’is – Sarah Lee Owens (l), Quida Coley (m), Sylvia Ioas (r). Wilmette, IL (USA). T. Randolph (1973)
Hands – Mangyan Tribesman, Mindoro, Philippine Islands. T. Randolph (1997)
Velma Fugerson, (Eulogy, Baha’i Community, Denver, CO, 2016)

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