District Teaching Committees

The District Teaching Committee (DTC) serves under the National Teaching Committee (NTC), the latter being an agency of the National Spiritual Assembly (NSA). The NTC monitors the effectiveness of the teaching work throughout the country through its functional DTCs. Knowledge of the progress of the work is provided by DTCs to the NTC and it, in turn, reports regional strengths and needs to the National Spiritual Assembly (NSA).


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The Bahá’í community has grown through the power of the divine impulse imparted to humankind in this age. The characteristics and functions of each of these institutions have evolved, and are still evolving, as are the relationships between them.

There are also a number of specific matters, such as the analysis of opportunities for expansion and consolidation in rapidly changing conditions, the identification of successful approaches to teaching, and the dissemination of promising teaching methods, which would benefit from the constant attention of a vibrant and competent National Teaching Committee.

Issues related to teaching among minorities and specific groups who reside in more than one region of the country present another area which would benefit from a National Teaching Committee’s attention.  To assist the the National Teaching Committee in carrying out its mandate, District Teaching Committees (DTC) were formed regionally and appropriately staffed.


District Teaching Committee
Secretaries 1982 United States

Research & Reference

For historical research and reference we have provided listings of District Teaching Committee (DTC) Secretaries in the United States for March 1982; listed in four Parts, all are PDF Files.

DTC Secretaries

Each PDF file contains the names of DTC Secretaries with a C/O address for each, usually that of a Local Spiritual Assembly.  For those during research, information is useful in establishing location of a particular DTC, its secretary, Bahá’í community and/or a specific Bahá’í locale in 1982.  Files are not in any particular order, therefore, browsing is required.  Files may be slow in loading, please exercise patience.

Regional Bahá’í Councils

Since 1982 the Baha’i community has expanded in its complexity and issues faced; hence, the establishment of Regional Baha’i Councils.

“The expansion of the Bahá’í community and the growing complexity of the issues which are facing National Spiritual Assemblies in certain countries have brought the Cause to a new stage in its development.” Based on “…the experience gained…in previous years,” and “the principles set forth by Shoghi Effendi,” the Universal House of Justice concluded “that the time has arrived for us to formalize a new element of Bahá’í administration,” designated as “Regional Bahá’í Councils.” ⎯Universal House of Justice (30 May 1997)

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