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We specialize in digitization processes for storage and preserving historical collections that pertain to the growth and development of Baha’i communities.  The primary reason is to assist efforts being made to more full document Baha’i history which future historian may find useful.  Additional factual information (pieces of the historical puzzle) undoubtedly will help them as they face the enormous task of compiling, documenting, and interrupting events.  Guidance we follow for digitalizing and storage of materials is found in publications provided by the United States National Archives.  Their standards are found to be highly reliable.  You can learn about their suggesions from the documents provided below.

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Digital Preparation

Specifications have been developed for the following types of materials, master image files, inspection and acceptance, and guidelines for document handling.

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Digital Scanning

This document cites the ‘electronic process project scanning and file format matrix’ to be done at the dpi level needed to achieved the quality of resolution on original materials.

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Digital Image Capture

Digitizing specifications provide a technical foundation for digitization activities.  Guidelines give a range of options for various technical aspects of digitization relating to image capture.

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