Feast of Mashiyyat, 26 Sep 2003

Home of Dharumbir and Vishwanee Takan

Bain Boeuf, Pereybere, Mauritius

Taken Family
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Mauritius Trip Report

The Baha’i travel-teaching and community consolidation effort took place over a 30-day period from 1-30 Sept 2003. Click on above image to access full report.

September 26, 2003
Feast of Mashiyyat
Home of Dharumbir and Vishwanee Takan,
Bain Boeuf, Pereybere, Mauritius

Feast began with prayers. The national Baha’i newsletter was read, with portions translated into English by Ruksha. The topic of Baha’i youth participation arose and I was able to relate the story of ‘Dancing Bear’, a youth in the Washington, DC community, who, by his manner and commitment to social change, unwittingly, prepared the DC Baha’i community for the advent of the 1960s social revolution.

There was discussion of plans for Africa’s 50th year Jubilee celebration, and of Ruksha’s six-month pioneer experience to Cape Town, South Africa as participant in a special youth project. Feast adjourned with prayers at 2145.

Photographs were taken, along with explanation for my documentation of Baha’i events.

Those in attendance:
(10) Raja Takah
(9) Dharumbir Takah
(8) Terry Randolph
(7) Na’il Randolph
(6) Claude Carver
(5) Aniella Carver
(4) Catherine Carver
(3) Cathy Carver
(2) Vishwanee Takah
(1) Ruksha Takah (secretary)

The Takah home is a hub of Baha’i activities in the area. Na’il and I were kindly transported to Feast by Claude Calver in the company of his family.

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