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Collective Center

The ‘Collective Center’ embodied within the activity framework of ObeisanceBaha pertains to the mutual sharing of collective interests through collaborative interchange. This involves spiritual, cultural and intellectual pursuits that seek to foster building relationships between people and groups based on the principle ‘the oneness of the world of humanity’. The reason is that within this context the true understanding of history is experienced, the present actualized, and the future realized.

ObeisanceBaha’s Collective Center is organized to use new communication technologies to facilitate interaction between people through dialogue to gain insight into Baha’i history, i.e., those occurrences, activities, people and events that laid bedrock for the faith to become firmly established in the annuals of religious history. This form of collective engagement will provide means for enhancing the collaborative experience, to facilitate discussion of history from a learned, practical, and personal point-of-view. This means the sharing of knowledge. It does NOT mean that a venue is established for dissent, organized or otherwise. Our primary interest is to collect for preservation viable materials pertaining to history, development, and growth of the Baha’i Faith.

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