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Our vision and mission is to help connect
people to faith and community.

Baha’i pioneers, both on the homefront and internationally, are diligently engaged in this task.

Velma Fugerson (1926-2016)
Baha’i International Pioneer
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Quida Flora Coley

Quida Flora Coley

Ouida Coley (center), Sarah Lee Owens (left), and Silvia Ioas (right).  Baha'i International Conference, Panama Hilton Hotel, Panama City, Panama, 1967. Quida Flora ColeyOuida Coley (1939-2013) was a devoted member of the Baha'i Faith for well over 50 years.   She had...

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Pupil of the Eye

Pupil of the Eye

Black Americans in the Baha'i Faith: Their Spiritual Significance Toward the Revitalization of Humankind. The 'Pupil of the Eye' metaphor has both astounded and confused the Baha'i community mainly due to it being analyzed within the framework of current distorted...

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Maid of Heaven

Maid of Heaven

Bahá’u’lláh’s Symbolic Use of the Veiled ḤúríyyihPersian Painting. Taken at the National Museum of Iran, Tehran, during my 6-week sojourn in-country during Dec/Jan 1970-71.“Ḥúríyyih” (from Ḥúrí, pronounced ‘hoo-ree’) are Maidens of Paradise, a term whose roots can be...

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Photo Credits:
Painting – Two Men Reading by Candlelight, Nat’l Museum of Tehran, Iran (Persia). T. Randolph (Dec 1970)
Book – Baha’i Prayers & Readings – Leili Egea
Baha’is – Sarah Lee Owens (l), Quida Coley (m), Sylvia Ioas (r). Wilmette, IL (USA). T. Randolph (1973)
Hands – Mangyan Tribesman, Mindoro, Philippine Islands. T. Randolph (1997)

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