Documenting Baha’i History

Our primary purpose is for the documention and preservation of Baha’i history—to record little known events and especially activities of those ‘front-line’ workers who, often with great personal sacrifice, bore the weight of success or failure of Baha’i programs, teaching campaigns, and community consolidation efforts.

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Baha’i Property, Isfahan, Iran (Dec 1970)

Baha’i Burial Sites

Fri 28 Oct 2022

A few days ago received an enquiry through Find-A-Grave from a Baha’i friend in Africa, requesting information about the identification of Baha’i burials at a specific location in Asia. They have undertaken a personal project to document Baha’i burial sites worldwide. This fits well with our own long-term effort to document (photographically) Baha’i burial sites during extensive travels in USA and internationally.

We encourage interested parties to pursue this course of action so that factual documentation of names of Bahais, where interred, cemetery/burial site location (via GPS), and other pertinent facts/information made available for prosperity. Request archival information from your local LSA and/or NSA. Also, interview members in your community as to their memories of the deceased and burial sites. If possible and if time and interest allowed, it may be possible to view records at public libraries and at the courthouse or other official government agency, depending on country and local laws. The researchers resolved details and problems encountered.

Reasons such an undertaken is vital is that it relates to documenting Baha’i history. It will be of great service to current and future historians who will struggle to undercover and render factual information about Baha’i community life, its growth and consolidation in various locations.

We encourage local Baha’i community members and Baha’i institutions (LSAs and NSAs) to set up an archive to store for safekeeping pertinent Baha’i information.

Wishing you the best in this undertaking.


Baha’i Official, Isfahan, Iran (Dec 1970)
Bahai Offical Isfahan 1

Preserving Baha’i Materials

Learn about the mission and efforts made by Librarians, Archivists, and others to conserve resources, and document and preserve Baha’i materials materials for prosperity.
Baha’i Property, Isfahan, Iran (Dec 1970)
Bahai Property IS Iran

Baha’i History

We document people, places, activities and events related to Baha’i history since 1960. Perhaps materials in your possession might be useful to our project. Contact Us.
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