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Preserving Baha’i History


ObeisanceBaha is in process of increasing its collecting capacity and capability for documenting and preserving Baha’i history. This is accomplished through an extensive collection of archival materials complied by Terry Randolph that include photographic works, and published and unpublished accounts of past events. This has come about through numerous independent efforts pointed to the same goal – acquire as much selected material as possible and make it as broadly accessible as possible.

Strategic Goal

Materials on hand and that acquired, as appropriate, will be produced digitally. Further expansion of our collecting procedures is seen as essential to achieve ObeisanceBaha’s strategic goal to: Acquire, preserve, and provide access to a universal collection of knowledge related to and in support of the research of interested parties into all aspects of Baha’i history.

Strategic Scope

Our strategic scope directly address acquisition and collecting, and processes of digitization and presentation that are critical to a successful effort to align resources to match a research environment. This strategy is based on a vision in which ObeisanceBaba’s archived collection will continue to be built by selectively acquiring materials in a wide range of formats. This effort will be partially accomplished via collaborative relationships established through and with other entities. This will allow for the further progress of knowledge and creativity that will be of great benefit for expanding the knowledge base of Baha’i history.

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The strategy is based on a number of assumptions, most significantly that the amount of available content will continue to grow. There will continue to be some content duplication in Baha’i related market-sources with the same content being available possibly in a variety of formats. This means that the process for selecting content, its assessment and viability, is extremely important.

Major Principles

There are major principles that support our strategy: This includes the fact that ObeisanceBaha is developing one interdependent collection that contains both its traditional physical holdings, the addition of other materials, and those in digital formats; second, that ObeisanceBaha will ensure that the rights of those holding intellectual property will be respected and that appropriate methods will be put in place to ensure that rights-restricted content remains secure; and third, that verifiable ownership of all content received will be properly credited.


Feel free to contact us with questions or comments concerning this strategy or any aspect of ObeisanceBaha’s archiving efforts.

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