Terry Nelson Randolph

(Professional Background)

Environmentalist, management consultant, program manager, management analyst, executive director, researcher, project coordinator, contract specialist, engineering and construction project manager, budget analyst, financial analyst, finance manager, programs and policy, non-profit executive, printing specialist, freelance photographer.
Environmental program development, implementation and administration; toxic and hazardous waste disposal; resource management; computer systems analysis; environmental research; prepared grants; budgetary and manpower management; developed reorganization proposals; management analysis.

I have extensive experience with multi-cultural organizations in global settings. This includes experience with African, European, Middle Eastern, and Far East Asian cultures/societies/economies through extensive travel, research, and formal studies. I’m effective in working with cultural diversity in both local and international settings, and remain competent, diplomatic and tactful at with professionals at all levels.

Facilitative Leadership

The Prallagon Collective represents a major collaborative undertaking in the field of global human development.  Invigorated by factors based on moral principles, spiritual values and ethical standards of conduct, it formulates and implements viable development strategy. We devise quality programs complete with inherent support systems to galvanize the practice of moral leadership, promote the stabilizing effects of law in society, and to integrate ethical performance criteria into systems of governance. The overall goal is to elevate quality of life through principled systems of governance.

Education Planning Project, Aboriginal Education (Australia), 1992

Over a four-week period, I met with TAFE education officials, teachers, NGO’s and concerned citizens to plan program development to enhance Aboriginal education in rural regions. Strategies focused on ways to improve Aboriginals’ access to, and participation in, all levels of schooling, with particular focus on early childhood education. A major objective was to plan and implement an education program to train and utilize ‘traveling’ teachers able to sustain themselves for a specified period of time in regions not normally accessible to educators. Funding would be obtained from various granting institutions, foundations, and the Australian government.

Environmental Assessment (Philippines), 1997-2000

Volunteer services to conduct an assessment of national environmental policies/programs of the Philippine government to determine areas for project support as a preliminary step for possible an office for the environment in the Philippines. Conferenced with Mayors, government officials, directorates and various NGOs to assess the effectiveness of their environmental efforts on local populations, and to ascertain which areas were lacking in having their strategic needs addressed. Visited local indigenous communities located throughout various island provinces to consult, advise, and educate concerning environmental degradation and means for protective programs. Consulted with community leaders on issues of concern, and engaged efforts to build environmental awareness among students at both elementary school and university level. Participated in interview sessions at local radio stations to discuss environmental matters to enlist community support. Drafted a preliminary proposal recommending establishing a Baha’i environmental NGO in the Philippines.

Africa Research Project – Development Studies (Graduate Program), University of South Africa – 2000-2002

The development initiative focused on the functions of executive leadership at state and ministerial levels, and managerial performance within government agencies, local communities and business environments. A comparative analysis of related functions focused on similar tasks performed in other cultures and societies. The monarchial experience was a crucial part of the project. The initiative operated on the premise that it is through a trilateral paradigm based on moral leadership, just constitutional and judicial law, and ethical systems of governance that the public welfare can be achieved and maintained.

Research was conducted in collaboration with scholars, academic institutions, judiciaries, government and business executives, groups (ethnic, tribal, indigenous authorities), religious entities, and leaders of civil societies of various ethnic groups whose leadership experiences were local, national and/or regional in context.

Executive Director, Bahá’í Office of the Environment (Taiwan), 1996-1997

Administered environmental programs in support of the Taiwanese government and its efforts to protect and conserve the island’s natural resources. Initiatives of Agenda 21 (United Nations Development Program) were the base for the design of various environmental initiatives and project funding proposals submitted to the Taiwan government, its various agencies, local organizations, NGOs, and private businesses. Collaborated with private businesses, NGOs, and national and local government officials to prepare upgrades to the country’s environmental standards in line with ISO 9000 certification.

Program planning focused on strengthening Taiwan’s national environmental regulations with emphasis on urban and rural planning. Key elements: environmental regulatory compliance, pollution control, urban waste management, water quality, toxic and hazardous waste disposal, environmental education, soil erosion, wildlife conservation improvement of air quality systems, and waterways management.

Utilizing a team of environmental specialists, researched pollution prevention methods, waste minimization, water conservation, and environmental and cost effective processes for disposal of toxic materials. Interfaced with corporate entities, local and national government regulatory agencies, provincial supervisors, consultants, and contractors.

As a lead NGO, the environmental office designed and instituted a national environmental education program whereby more than 7000 elementary school teachers received specialized training in environmental education methodologies. More than 2300 environmental organizations, NGOs, universities, embassies, environmental professionals, individuals, and groups worldwide received the bi-monthly newsletter (Leaves). An environmental arts award contest was initiated nationally and internationally to enhance environmental awareness among school age children. More than 3000 entries were received yearly from various age groups, and judged by national and international teams comprising professional artists, embassy officials, and business leaders.

Contract Specialist, Hazardous Waste Disposal (US Defense Agency), 1991-96

Performed duties as contract specialist for disposal of hazardous and toxic wastes from site locations in the United States and several foreign countries. Received proposals, and developed and managed contracts from negotiations through to award with periodic assessments through to work completion (‘cradle to grave’ concept). Contracts were awarded to qualifying businesses (small, medium, and large) in amounts ranging to USD 350 million for disposal of such toxic substances as: PCBs, mercury, photographic chemicals, waste water, oil, magnesium, electric transformers, paints, used tires, demilitarized equipment, and various oxides, among others.

Chief, Management/Manpower Office (USA Corps of Engineers, Republic of Korea), 1985-91

Established the Management/Manpower Office under the Division of Resource Management. As Branch Chief, I supervised a culturally diverse team of specialist and staff in support of management programs for the $200 million engineering and construction projects located throughout the Republic of Korea; and interfaced with similar operations in Japan and Hawaii. Responsibilities included: manpower management, budgetary and financial analysis, construction projects evaluation, reorganization alignments, Inspector General (IG) evaluations, field support activities and coordination, financial planning, and resource management and evaluation of hiring practices and procedures. Team member of the ADP planning committee for the upgrade of management functions through acquisition of computerized data management systems.

Management Analysis/Budget/Financial (USA Corps of Engineers, West Germany), 1979-85

Prepared and managed the $45.5 million engineering and construction Operating Budget, and the $1.5 million Command Operating Budget. Analyzed cost performance on engineering and construction projects, managed manpower allocations, completed analysis of project management functions, and served on the ADP committee for the upgrade of data processing systems.

Designed computerized management programs for financial, budgetary and manpower accountability. Completed manpower evaluations, prepared performance reports, organizational analysis, and other assessments in response to congressional inquiries, Command directives, and executive decrees. Worked closely with the Office of Resource Management to conduct financial evaluations and prepare reports of funding status of construction projects.

Management Analysis/Budgetary/Financial (US FISH & Wildlife Service, Wash., DC), 1977-91

Managed the $150 million US Fish & Wildlife Service operating budget, and the yearly $25 million congressional appropriation for fishery research programs nation-wide.

Systems Analysis/Management Programs Development (Various Organizations), 1977-89

Performed systems analysis for various national and international organizations to improve management performance. Designed computerized management systems for budget reporting, manpower accountability, personnel tracking, financial projections, research proposals and evaluation of engineering and construction projects, among others.

Note: All positions of employment are civilian, not military

Freelance Photographer, 1968-78


Contracted to photograph business meetings, conventions, weddings, international conferences, and special events. On-Call for the Washington Herald Newspaper, Washington, DC, and the Baha’i National Public Information Office, Wilmette, IL, 1968-70. Official photographer for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) during its national Poor Peoples Campaign (Resurrection City), Washington, DC, 1970.

Work Published:

Far Eastern Economic Review, 1998

World Order Magazine, 1997

Panama International Baha’i Conference – Memorial Publication/Slide Presentation, 1968

Baha’i Year of Events, 1970



Journeyman Offset Photo-Lithographer (US Geological Survey), 1974-77

Printing Specialist (US Geological Survey), 1973-74*

Journeyman Offset Photographer (US Geological Survey), 1970-73

Apprentice, Offset Photographer (US Geological Survey), 1966-70

Lithographic Assistant,   (US Geological Survey), 1965-66

Lithographer Helper (US Geological Survey), 1963-65

Work performed with the US Geological Survey, Branch of Map Reproduction, involved aspects of map reproduction to specified standards of varied nature. Map reproduction was of a technical nature involving high standards of configuration to within 15, 000/inch, and included maps categorized as: topographic, hydrologic, geologic and LANSAT (earth satellite projections), and others that included the Moon and Saturn. Key to this operation was the use of an offset ‘walk-in’ camera that utilized a 17” optical lens, and a variety of photographic film ranging to sizes of 42×42 inches to separate maps into their primary colors in preparation for reproduction.

Trained through an apprenticeship and formal course work in all aspects of the map reproduction process to include: offset press operations, negative engraving, offset photography, paper quality, lithographic ink specifications, lithographic type setting, photography (film development, color slide processing, exposure, film/print mounting, framing, print processing), photo-grammetry, linotype machine operating, printing plant supervision, OSHA safety standards, job scheduling, union contract negations, procurement, production scheduling and coordination, and budgeting and financial analysis.

*Professional position: Reassigned as Special Assistant to Chief, Branch of Printing. Duties required overall management and administration of printing plant operations involving seven work Sections and 127 employees, all trained in various lithographic arts.

Trained through an apprenticeship and formal course work in all aspects of the map reproduction process to include: offset press operations, negative engraving, offset photography, paper quality, lithographic ink specifications, lithographic type setting, photography (film development, color slide processing, exposure, film/print mounting, framing, print processing), photo-grammetry, linotype machine operating, printing plant supervision, OSHA safety standards, job scheduling, union contract negations, procurement, production scheduling and coordination, and budgeting and financial analysis.

*Professional position: Reassigned as Special Assistant to Chief, Branch of Printing. Duties required overall management and administration of printing plant operations involving seven work Sections and 127 employees, all trained in various lithographic arts.

Group Performance Awards. Several obtained included monetary consideration for outstanding performance of contractual arrangements for hazardous waste disposal. US Defense Agency, 1991-1996

Sustained Superiority Performance Award. Obtained for the designed and implementation of a computerized management, manpower, and financial tracking system. Monetary stipend: $4,500, USA Corps of Engineers, 1983.

Group Performance Awards for project performance for map reproduction (monetary consideration),

US Geological Survey, Branch of Map Reproduction, 1968-75

Development Administration, University of South Africa, Johannesburg, SA (post-grad)

Master of Development Administration, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI (1992-1994)

Advance Resource Management, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY (1990)

Defense Planning & Mgmt Systems, Naval Post-Graduate School, Monterey, CA (1986)

Pacific Asian Business Management, School of Bus. & East/West Center, Unv. of Hawaii (1975)

Bachelor of Bus. Admin./Management, University of the District of Columbia (1974)

Business Administration (Major)/History (Minor), District of Columbia Teachers College (1969-72)

FORTRAN Computer Language, George Washington University (1971)

Psychology of Language and Communication, George Washington University (1970)

Computer Systems Design, George Washington University, 1969

Advance Contracting                           Department of Defense Contracting School, Ohio, 1994

Intermediate Contracting                     Department of Defense Contracting School, Ohio, 1993

Basic Contracting                                Department of Defense Contraction School, Ohio, 1992

Budgeting                                            Army Management Training Ctr., Rock Island, IL, 1990

Program Planning and Budgeting       Army Management Training Ctr., Rock Island, IL, 1990

Manpower Analysis                              Army Manpower Education Ctr., Virginia, 1989

Work Planning and Control Systems    Army Engineering Management Ctr., Rock Island, IL, 1988

Supervisory Development Program      Management Development Ctr., Seoul, Korea, 1987

Management of Managers Course       Army Engineering Management Ctr., Rock Island, IL, 1987

Management Development                 Management Development Ctr., Seoul, Korea 1986

Financial Management                        Army Management Training Ctr., Rock Island, IL, 1986

Advanced Management Analysis        Navy Management Development Ctr., Honolulu, HI, 1986

Management Analysis                         Navy Management Development Ctr., Honolulu, HI, 1985

Manpower Management                     Army Management Training Ctr., Munich, W. Germany, 1984

Manpower and Budgeting                   Corps of Engineers Huntsville AL Training Ctr., AL, 1983

Zero-Base Budgeting                           Bowling Green State University, Huron, OH, 1979

Offset Photography II                           Metropolitan Washington School of Printing, Wash DC, 1970

Offset Photography I                            Metropolitan Washington School of Printing, Wash DC, 1969

Color Photography                               Department of Agriculture Graduate School, Wash DC, 1968

Black and White Photography             Department of Agriculture Graduate School, Wash DC, 1967

Association of Baha’i Studies for North America, Canada (Life Membership)

International Environmental Forum, Sweden – Current

Health For Humanity, Ann Arbor, MI 1994-96

Association of Contract Specialists, USA, 1993-96

World Future Society, USA, 1987-90

American Society of Civil Engineers, West Germany, 1981-85

American Management Association, 1968-70

Professional Photographers of America, 1965-67



United Nations Association, New York, Current

World Federalist Association, USA, Current

Camera Club of the Philippines, 1999-2000

Toastmasters International, Germany, 1982-84

Left Bank Jazz Society, Baltimore, Maryland, 1969-72

Left Bank Jazz Society, Washington, DC, 1970-73

National Rifle Association, Washington, DC, 1964-65

  • Genealogy
  • Collecting old books/photographs/lithographs/prints and local art (various cultures)
  • Photography
  • Mountaineering/hiking
  • International Travel
  • Music: Classical Jazz/Euro-Classical/Persian Classical/Blues/International
  • Reading/Study/Research/History
  • Computer Technologies
  • Political Science
United States Marines Corps, Aug 1959 – Aug 1963 (Stateside)
  • Private Pilot Training (AFRC, Germany, 1981-1982)
  • Scuba Diving (PADI, Open Water Diver Certification, Germany, 1982)
  • Mountaineering (AFRC, Certification, Germany, 1983)
  • Ice Climbing (AFRC, Certification, Germany, 1984)
  • Member, Osan Air Club (South Korea, 1986-1989)
  • Competent Crew Course (Good Hope Sailing Academy, Cape Town, SA 2010)
  • Scuba Diving (PADI, Advanced Open Water Diver Certification, Sabah, MLY 2017)
Republic of Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, East Germany, Singapore, West Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), India, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Philippines, West Germany, Australia, United Soviet Socialist Republics, Austria, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Hungary, England, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Canada, Luxembourg, Panama, Mexico, New Zealand, Belgium, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Dubai, South Africa, East Malaysia (Sarawak/Saba), Cambodia, Mauritius, China, Guam, Alaska, Hawaii.
Spouse: Ailyn G Randolph, Assistant Professor, Western Philippines University

Son: Na’il Amèdèe Naren Randolph (Student)

Mountain View – Hout Bay, Western Cape, South Africa (ca. 2006)

Zagros Mountains, Fars Providence, Iran (Dec 1970)

Chief, Management and Manpower Office
USA Corps of Engineers, Far East District
Seoul, Republic of Korea. (1985 – 1991)

Executive Director, Baha’i Office of the Environment For Taiwan, at a meeting with a leading environmental scientist for the Taiwan government. Venue: Home of the Song Family, Kausiung, Taiwan. (Photo, 1996)

Journeyman Offset Photo-lithographer, Branch of Printing, US Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia. (Photo, 1973)

Experienced and certified in mountain climbing and ice climbing.  Activities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and South Korea.  Prolific in Volksmarching, hiking, and snow camping.  (Photo, 1983)

Married, 15 Feb 1997, Aborlan Philippines

Randolph Family: Na’il, Terry, Ailyn (Manila, 2012).

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Positive Change For The Oceans
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Royal Selangor Yacht Club – Current

Exploring The Future of Human Purpose
1987 – Current

Life Member

Member – Current

International Environmental Forum
1996 – Current

United Nations Association
1969 – Current

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