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Zylpha Mapp-Robinson

Photo-Lev Nosov/Sputnik

Russian News Article, 2 May 2018. Kisah Robert Robinson, Orang Afrika-Amerika yang Tinggal Selama 44 Tahun di Uni Soviet.

Robert N. Robinson

In Uganda, Robert N. Robertson met and married Zylpha Mapp ‘Torrance’. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1906, was taken first to Cuba, and in 1923 went to the USA where he worked at the Ford Motor Company in Detroit. An engineer by trade, in 1930 he took an offer to work in the USSR where he lived until 1974. He had then been trying for nearly 30 years to get permission to leave Russia and return to the West. His story can be read here.

Envoys Meet At D.C. Funeral Of Man They Rescued From Behind The Iron Curtain. Diplomats William B. Davis and Mathias Lubega.  They previously cooperated to “sneak” Robert Robinson from Russia after his enforced 44-year stay and now came together at his Washington funeral.

Death/Burial – Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson was born 22 Jun 1906 and died 23 Feb 1994 (aged 87) in Washington, District Of Columbia, USA.  He is buried at Glenwood Cemetery in Washington, DC.  Plot: Section S, Lot 44, Site 5.

Glenwood Cemetery is a historic, private, secular cemetery where many famous people are buried.  In 2017, the cemetery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is noted for its numerous elaborate Victorian and Art Nouveau funerary monuments.

Juanita Torrence-Thompson

Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Zylpha’s daughter from her first marriage, is a published poet and the former owner, Editor-in-Chief and publisher of 32-year old international literary magazine, Möbius, The Poetry Magazine. She was instrumental in setting up The Zylpha Mapp-Robinson International Poetry Award named for her mother.

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